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Successfully launching a new product into the market involves a number of challenging and complex tasks each critically linked to the one preceding it.

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Partnership &

Benefit of Foxconn Baja California unlimited business possibilities offered in the Cali-Baja Region.
Our expert team will provide you with the know-how to do business in Mexico

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Solutions for your market needs, customized brands, seasonal products, B2B, catalog of developed products and/or new product development

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Large scale with a high mix model production environment, capable to get parts and services with competitive pricing, develop local parts suppliers according to the highest standards, produce under strict norms and deliver on-time anywhere.

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Consumer Electronics manufacturing has been for almost 35 years the core business operation in our factory.

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We support our customers to make a difference in the market by capitalizing on evolving technologies.

Company Capabilities

Why Choose
Our Services

Foxconn Baja California is committed to contribute to the solutions for our customers, and provides integral Services that involves all aspects of the Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Service; including all applicable requirements such as legal, regulatory and others; ensuring the expectation of the interested parties. Foxconn Baja California is distinguished for being a multicultural company with social responsibility with the best T.R.E.A.T.(Trust/Responsiveness/Empathy/Assurance/Tangibles) for its customers to reach their vision..

75 Years of
  • Trust we will provide what was promised, with reliability and accuracy.

  • Responsiveness to help customers promptly..

  • Empathy with individual attention to our customers.

  • Assurance with knowledge and courtesy, and our ability to convey trust.

  • Tangibles with our well-diversified flexible manufacturing and our local staff with vast experience in multicultural and world class manufacturing operations.

Our Culture


We honor our commitments to our internal and external customers.


We design attractive and innovative ideas as well as solutions for out customers.


To identify opportunities, confront challenges and overcome adversity.


To share and utilize knowledge proactively by offering our know-how and talent.


We accept our limitations and we value the contribution and strenghts of others.


We base our competitive strength on our most valuable resource, our people, respecting the ultural and intellectual diversity.


We treat our employees, the community, and out customers with dignity, honor and respect.


We contribute to our customers’ success by developing cost-effective products and services through our people's determination.


To become leaders in developing creative, competitive and comprehensive solutions for our customers..

Certifications &



Working by customization. we set up an exclusive servicing process for each customer, Working as the best parner, we provide global OEM options.

Supply Chain Management

End-to-end supply chain solutions to enhance innovation and create growth opportunities by mitigating the effects of market variation and seasonality.

- Parts and material selection and suggestion (sourcing) and procurement at a global level.
- From Planning to Logistics solution.
- We offer a complete business model to meet our customer needs.

  • Multi modal logistics direct to the final customer.
  • In-house custom compliance with Mexican and American customs law expertise.
  • In-house Information Technology development.
  • Free trade agreements (FTA) compliance analysis and HTS classification.
After Market Services.

Our Tijuana site takes advantage and provides an added value by allowing customers to manufacture products closer to their end customers, resulting in dramatic reduced shipping costs, lower tariffs and more cost-effective inventory management.

Key Partners

From our vertical Integration, strategic business coalitions located in Tijuana, Mexico. Main product range:

  • Design & manufacture of mechanical parts for the consumer electrical and automotive industry (Plastic Injection and Molding).
  • Design & manufacture of precision molds and metal stamping.


Consumer Electronics manufacturing has been for almost 35 years the core business operation in our factory, large scale with a high mix model production environment require a bold and flexible organization, capable to get parts and services with competitive pricing, develop local parts suppliers according with the highest standards, produce under strict norms and deliver on-time, anywhere.

Proven Engineering experience and Operations Management resulted over the years in Top TV Brands have trusted Foxconn Baja California to do:

Early engagement in Product Design/Design QA, can make your sketch be materialized in a feasible/doable product, out NPI Engineering team will provide step by step visibility on the project, from BOM Creation, always respecting laws and regulations for fair trade and legal source of components, Parts Sourcing is specially recognized to add value for your products through investigation of the markets, and that makes the Parts Purchasing an easy and enjoyable ride home.

Proccess Validation is providing a guarantee of repeatability and reproducibility of each and every good produced, while maintaining a strict Process Control provides an ease when it comes to Mass Production, in FBC one of the pillars to achieve excellence in Quality is the Parts Quality Control process, which will serve as a gatekeeper avoiding damaged parts into the process. also adding a wel defined Quality Assurance process, everyone is confident that truck loading an Assortment of products and perfoming regular Trade and Export Process is a definitive guarantee of an excellent coordination of ogistics functions for a perfect On-Site delivery. Moreover and for your peace of mind. After Sales Servicing is available for your (and your costumers) convenience.


Partner with Foxconn to increase manufacturing efficiency and streamline supply chain management. Leverage our expertise in heavy and light equipment, advanced automation, appliance and industrial management.

Average of 150 New Model Introduced each year.

Electrical and Component Engineering working everyday to do component selection, First Failure Analysis, and Bill Of Material Maintenance. Plastic Injection Molding capabilities, from Tool Design, Tool Manufacturing, Vendor Control, Tool modifications, you name it!

Meet your critical cost, quality and time-to-market objectives with manufacturing services for your needs. Optimize quality and reduce defects with Foxconn’s complete component and system validation capabilities, visual and automated inspection systems.


Great ideas come with great challenges. In Foxconn we dedicate our expertise and experience to help you change the world. With our skills and tools we conceptualize and test your idea. We bring your product to life, from conception and prototyping to engineering and advanced manufacturing.

“With the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the Big Data movement gaining momentum, industry is now presented with unique opportunities in terms of key enablers for boosting its performance to a new level.”
Advance Engineering

This is a multidisciplinary group of professional in the different manufacturing, electrical, design and quality disciplines, responsible to understand the challenges of the new products and look for the optimal solution that will result in an effective and efficient process of product, this group is the direct contact with new customers and take care of a given process up to stabilization.

Dedication to quality assurance guides every decision. Leveraging a proven, validated, global quality system and trusted real-time supply chain intelligence, Foxconn brings the most complex and challenging products to life by adhering to rigorous quality standards.

Foxconn provides a world of validated services and technologies creating flexible manufacturing ecosystems and scalability with minimal capital expenditures. Cost structures are realigned from fixed to the variable while operations are simplified.


This is a rapidly changing world; new technologies are now dominating the end customer preferences changing and/or creating new trends and lifestyles.

The need for larger amount of information, quicker communication, entertainment variation, educational content, a more convenient way of life, automatic decision making, industrial solutions for cost down and better performance, and so on and so forth are bringing new opportunities for business and collaboration

FOXCONN Baja California has been dedicated for over 30 years to provide solutions!, any solution for your company, from Electrical/Mechanical Design, to Testing, SW development, Manufacturing, Parts Sourcing, Packing and shipping, with an ease.

Your peace of mind is our main goal, rest assure that FOXCONN Baja California has the right method to achieve QCDCS tailor made for your product and process.
Printed Circuit Assemblies Division is a Foxconn Baja California Business Unit with expertise in PCB assembly, Low level assembly, High level assembly, testing, and delivery of FG and/or SFG to any location worldwide.

Our engineering team will guide you through the most difficult stages of NPI, guaranteeing that material selection, stencil design, panelization, process control items, programming, SW writing, conformal coating, and testing, etc. will meet and exceed your expectations in terms of cost, quality and with the shortest time from NPI to scale in the region. Our commitment with quality is our pride and we share with our customers the joy of having the highest FPY. The team is committed to bring to life your product design, in compliance with international standards, under the rigorous vigilance of our Quality Assurance team, with plenty of experience managing Parts Quality, Incoming Quality.

Foxconn Baja PCBA BU provides customers with 20+ years of leadership and experience in advanced PCB Assembly technology, with proven processes and a full range of services. From low volume high mix to high volume manufacturing, we adapt to your business needs and budget, in parallel we provide Printed Circuit Board Assembly services developing the latest PCBA and surface mount (SMT) capabilities including support for :

  • 0201(0603mm) components, fine pitch and high count BGAs.
  • RoHS compliant processes (lead-free), Manual Insertion (pin through hole), wave & selective soldering, double and single sided reflow.
  • Quick turn NPI assembly, conformal coating, laser marking.
  • Inspection and testing using SPI, AOI, and X-Ray equipment
  • Comprehensive electrical testing and test system development for boundary scan, in-circuit test (ICT), functional test and burn in test (BIT)
  • Flash Memory customization, etc.

Foxconn Baja, is your one stop solution for all your PCB Assembly business needs.


Solutions for your market needs, customized brands, seasonal products, B2B, catalog of developed products and/or new product development.
Sketching and BOM creation leveraging wide amount of suppliers WW, hardware and software development for customization.

In-house QA reliability lab working to cut costs, and to assure product compliance and spec. (Chambers for Environmental, Aging, High Altitude, Transportation, etc. are available).

A great concept and design will go nowhere if you can't procure the components in a timely and cost-effective manner or if critical processes and required tooling are not known up front. FBC will:
Review your BOM for completeness and accuracy and in the case of parts obsolescence or long lead times, and identify the most suitable components from your Approved Vendor List (AVL).

Perform a Design for Supply Chain analysis and recommend alternate components that meet or exceed the required specification, but can be delivered at a lower cost.

Perform a RoHS and/or REACH evaluation, and if required, make suggestions on parts that will ensure compliance, meet performance specifications, and minimize costs.
Identify any production processes or equipment that could present challenges to completing the project and suggest workarounds.

Effective and scalable NPI procedure for the different faces of a New Product introduction from Rapid Prototypes to Full Scale manufacturing launch, formal gate reviews that assure a solid progress among the project, assure effective communication assure the strengths of the partnership and predictable schedule.

Successfully launching a new product into the market involves a number of challenging and complex tasks, each critically linked to the one preceding it.

For 35 years, we have evolved and refined our New Product Introduction (NPI) process by leveraging learned best practices and recognized quality standards in addition to utilizing highly skilled resources. The result is a well controlled and clearly NPI process designed to yield benefits at every step , allowing our customers to quickly and confidently move from concept into cost-effective, full-scale production.

Starting with your CONCEPT

Great ideas take their first step towards becoming a reality when you put them on paper. Whether you have design schematics or not, FBC can help you with this critical first step.

If you already have design schematics, we can review them specifically with an eye toward DFM/DFA/DFT, catching potential issues early in the manufacturing process, before they cost you valuable time and money.

Quotation and Schedule

FBC aims to deliver the highest quality product that meets or improves your production timeline and at a cost that will maintain competitiveness all year round. Our dedicated sourcing and purchasing executives specialize in quickly acquiring unique or long-lead time items.

Foxconn always work closely with our strategic component suppliers to buy commonly used components in bulk so you are guaranteed the lowest cost and highest level of availability with limited material cost exposure.

Foxconn provide costing at different quantity break points so that you understand both near-term and long-term cost drivers.

You can expect from FBC:

Our complete understanding of your technical and business requirements for the project.

Well defined and agreed upon project logistics including meeting frequency/time(s), project plans and the most appropriate communication vehicles.

A dedicated and aggressive team of professionals including: NPI Team Lead, Program Manager, Production Manager, Process Engineer, Documentation Control and Quality Assurance personnel.

Mechanical/Electrical/Software and Safety Engineering

Offering mechanical solutions in metal and plastic enclosures and tooling.

Our software engineers have deep product knowledge in system architectures.

Our safety engineers focus on reliability/user confirmation.

Our team of experts provide excellence in design for manufacturing and superior quality to ensure on-time market introduction.

Quality Engineering
Product lifetime and reliability, soldering failure analysis, hazardous substances measurement, ESD testing, Additional capabilities include Aging testing, vibration an drop test, thermal shock, X ray, XRF, Scan Electron Microscope (SEM), Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy (FTIR).

Quality Management
Certification is ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, Enviromental Compliance (ROHS), REACH, Conflict Minerals, Supplier Management, Metrology Lab, Real Time Data Management Systems on Process Performance and Automated Test Equipment for product performance.

Environmental chamber for high humidity, high temperature (thermal shock) and resistance to vibration.

Drop and impact testing.

Electrical stress testing.

Electrical and semiconductor analysis including decapsulation of integrated circuits and cross section statistical analysis.

Welding spot failure, first failure, Curve tracing, X-Ray analysis.

We perform analysis to identify possible risks on PCB’s products through PCB CAD validation system, focused on solder process in compliance with PBC design regulations that could incur in poor board performance, thus preventing undesired manufacturing effects ensuring product performance.

  • Improve Product Test.
  • Optimize Test Strategy.
  • Test Coverage Analysis by Test Software simulator.
  • Development of AOI, ICT and Functional Test.

This is a multidisciplinary group of professional in the different manufacturing, electrical, design and quality disciplines, responsible to understand the challenges of the new products and look for the optimal solution that will result in an effective and efficient process of product, this group is the direct contact with new customers and take care of a given process up to stabilization.

Foxconn Baja California protects the intellectual property of our clients around the world. Our expertise allows us to ensure that we will safe guard our customer’s information from the first day, throughout the development and end of life of the product.

Stay of the art systems ItO, production control, direct labor management system, electronic tradability, key device tracking and real time data access differentiate FBC from our competitors.

Optimize logistics and supply chains: A connected supply chain can adjust and accommodate when new information is presented.

A key component of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things that is characterized by connected devices. Not only does this help internal operations, but through the use of the cloud environment where data is stored we have tracking and monitoring in real time basis as traceability from component level through finished good product and up to customer delivery.

End to end Solutions
In hose capabilities and work wide capabilities can be leverage to identify the right solution for your projects, with a food print in every continents of the world.

Quick turn Prototyping
We have prototype line for rapid prototyping for product, tools and PCB's.

Tooling Development
Process development, error proof work stations, video recording for critical areas and process excellence.

PCB Assembly and SMT
Is our core technology, 30+ years of experience in this capability, 3D IOA, coating process, functional test development and in circuit test are our area of expertise.

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Foxconn Baja California is a leading electronic contract manufacturing company, providing advanced electronic manufacturing services to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clients. Since 2010, FBC has been located in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, México being one of the factories with the highest number of employees.

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