With more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of electronic products for diverse industries, we are one of the companies with the largest presence in the region and internationally. We are known for exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing our knowledge and experience for the manufacturing of their product.


The healthcare industry demands excellence and quality in its medical products. We are recognized as a competitive provider of services for the electronic industry and as one of the CMs with the greatest potential for the medical industry.

We believe that the most valuable thing that human beings have is health, which is why we work with our clients in the care and preservation of their well-being through the development and manufacturing of innovative medical products.


The medical building has a great capacity for expansion and the flexibility to adapt its areas according to the requirements and product classification of our clients.


In addition to design and development of medical devices, we can manufacture products for different specialties such as:


We are positioned with global regulatory bodies, including the FDA; we continually invest in expertise and regulatory compliance to ensure the safety and reliability of each product.

We currently deliver Class II medical devices successfully to our clients, disruptive products that are already out in the market, with great acceptance and generating positive experiences with our clients’ clients.

Consumer Electronics

Our main objective is to collaborate with our clients, providing efficient solutions, guaranteeing quality and reliability in our operations with products manufactured under rigorous quality standards.


With an infrastructure of more than 720,000 ft2, we have the capacity to develop and manufacture all types of consumer electronics, with specialized production lines.



Main consumer electronic brands have trusted us to manufacture their product catalog, providing them with a strategy of technological and commercial competitiveness, from production to supply chain management until it goes to market.

  • PCBA
  • Product assembly
  • Test solutions
  • Real-time systems integration
  • Traceability system
  • Quality management system
  • Vertical integration
  • Advanced manufacturing assembly technologies
  • NPI (New Product Introduction)
  • R&D
  • Value Engineering
  • Laboratory test facilities
  • DFM & DFT (Design Manufacturing and Testing)
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Quality engineering
  • Quality management
  • Quality inspection points
  • Certifications: ISO 14000, ISO 9001 and Green Partner
  • Supplier quality metrics
  • Supply chain management
  • Multimodal logistics
  • In-house information technology systems
  • International trade and customs
  • Mexican and US internal customs agents
  • After market services


We provide advanced manufacturing services that meet the most rigorous requirements of our customers, increasingly integrating new innovative technologies into products and maintaining strict control of processes and regulations when it comes to mass production.


We exceed the expectations of our clients by providing knowledge and experience for the manufacture of industrial products applied to various industries.


Foxconn Baja California has a solid production infrastructure and support facilities.



One of our key advantages lies in the level of vertical integration as our part of the strategy we offer to our clients:

  • Advanced manufacturing assembly technologies
  • New product introduction
  • Research & development (Mechanical/Electrical/Software and Safety Engineering)
  • Laboratory Test installations
  • PCB-A (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)
  • Product assembly
  • System and assembly test solutions (locally designed)
  • Real time systems integration
  • Traceability (from a component, to a finished product, and up to customer delivery)
  • Quality engineering
  • Quality management
  • Certifications ISO 14000, ISO 9001 and Green Partner
  • Sourcing & procurement (parts and material selection at a global level)
  • Business planning
  • Foreign trade & customs compliance
  • Logistics

Market experience

Foxconn Baja California provides through its services and solutions, its experience in the manufacture of diversified products in different types of industries with an integrated production model that has engineering, development, supply, manufacturing and distribution capabilities around the world.