Foxconn Baja California is recognized for being a manufacturing leader.

We offer solutions that include:

In the manufacturing process

From SMT to Final Assembly.

As part of the supply chain

From the procurement of raw materials
to after-sales services.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

With more than 30 years of experience in SMT, in the region, we are one of the few providers that offer this service; We have a capacity of more than 30 production lines, we develop manufacturing solutions, operating procedures, operating structures, qualification of materials and equipment that are of great benefit to our clients.

Our areas of expertise in technology:

Surface-mount Technology (SMT)


We have assembly lines designed to adapt to configuration and customization changes, taking into account the needs of our clients:


Developing and integrating testing solutions for finished products and multi-product PWBs. We have formed teams in manufacturing facilities in other countries such as:


With our extensive experience in managing world-class manufacturing operations, we provide complete advanced manufacturing services to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our customers, as well as integrating more and newer innovative technologies in both products and processes.


We offer our clients automation in the processes of key areas to reduce costs, streamline the supply chain and reduce delivery times.


We have the ability to track raw materials and products at all stages of production and distribution.

We develop the software that allows a comprehensive traceability system and real-time knowledge of the product from the registration of any key device to production.



We have a multidisciplinary manufacturing, electrical, development and quality group, highly experienced, responsible for understanding the challenges of new products and seeking the most optimal solution that results in an efficient product process, providing the highest international quality standards.